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Description: Processing Gesture is a site-specific interactive installation comprising of nine microcontrollers, tripods, sensors, motors, video cameras, pencils, coat hangars, and sheets of drawing paper, as well as a computer and projector that serves as an elaborately layered immersive interface between the inhabitants in the space. Processing Gesture usus custom sensors to capture and employ conscious/ unconscious human gesture and spatial positioning as input to generate measured, artificially intelligent drawings on paper. The position and movement of the inhabitants within the space determine whether each drawing machine's arm is more active and agitated or calmer and more controlled. This gesture translation is being watched, captured, and projected on one wall in the space via nine webcams as real-time toggling video-segments. These video cameras serve to be the third self-reflexive layer of translated gesture, measured and magnified as encoded response. Documentation displays Processing Gesture installed in the Dallas Center for Contemporary Art Exhibition ( called "Moving Pictures: Digital Paintings" exhibited from November 4 - December 23, 2005 in Dallas, TX. Artists Cory Archangel, Casey Reas, Paul Slocum, Damien LaPlante, Karen Mahaffy, Robert Flowers, Dean Terry and Mary Benedicto were also exhibited. Janet Kutner (contributor to Art News) wrote a review on the show in the Dallas Morning News which is available online at